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Your U.S. Passport is your Key to the World!


Argentina and it's entire staff are registered and authorized by The Consulate General of Argentina. We have been processing and securing Argentinian visas for over 20 years. Our management and staff are experienced, dedicated professionals working for you, The security of your passport and personal documentation is our number one priority. Let our team take the stress and frustration out of the application process. With our assistance, you will make your scheduled departure to Argentina.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

U.S. ordinary passport holders visiting Argentina for tourism or business must pay a reciprocity fee. This "reciprocity fee" is similar to an e - visa. This tranaction must be done before departure and cannot be processed on arrival in Argentina.

Step 1

Please email the following information to our Argentina Account Manager at

1) Full name as stated in your passport

2) Date of birth

3) Place of birth

4) Passport number

5) Passport issue date and expiration date

6) Date of departure to Argentina

Step 2

Click here to complete the Service Order Form


Argentina Government: $165

Passportworld: $349 same day processing

                       $249 2 - 3 days to process

                       $149 1 week processing

Your completed reciprocity e - visa will be emailed to you once completed. You do not need to send us your passport.

Thank you.