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Your U.S. Passport is your Key to the World!


United States Passports

We have six different passport processing speeds:

  • Same Day Service: 9 Hours $499.00 + Gov Fees*
  • 24 Hour Service: 1 Business Day $429.00 + Gov Fees*
  • Next Day Service: 2 Business Days $379.00 + Gov Fees*
  • Priority Service: 5 Business Days $299.00 + Gov Fees*
  • Expedited Service: 10 Business Days $179.00 + Gov Fees*
  • Standard Service: 15 Business Days $129.00 + Gov Fees* (DS-82 only)

Our Same Day Service is ONLY offered in our Headquarters located in The Woodlands, Texas Office.

Your documents will need to be dropped off the PREVIOUS business day. Department of State submissions are submitted at 7am and ready for pickup the same day at 5pm at our office.

Please contact us at 713-961-3131 to make an appointment and/or drop off your documents.