China Visa

Congrats on your upcoming trip to China! PassportWorld is the most reliable way to receive your China visa. In order to apply for a Visitor or Business visa to China, you must have a valid passport. Click here if you need to obtain a U.S. Passport. PassportWorld is a registered company with the Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China, and we have processed and secured China visas for over 26 years. Our experienced staff will guide you through your visa process and will always be a phone call or email away until your visa is in your hands. The security of your passport and personal documents is our number one priority.

All travel visas are processed in our main office located in Conroe, TX and documents must be sent there for processing.  

Important: The current processing time from the Chinese Embassy is 6 - 8 weeks. If your scheduled travel is within this time frame you will need to reschedule your departure date. There is no way around their system to process the visa faster. Once you complete your visa application you must schedule your appointment on the Embassy website. Print ALL pages of your confirmation, visa application, and appointment information. If you leave ANY questions unanswered the Embassy will reject your application, you will need to start over at that point. This would cause a substantial delay in processing.