India Visa

India E Visas are very easy to apply for. Follow the step below to begin your visa processing. Once your India E-Visa ETA (Electronic Travel Visa) is approved and completed, we will email the confirmation to you. India E-Visas are issued as multiple entry visas and are valid for one year from the date of issue.

India Visa Requirement Checklist

Step 1 - Click here to complete the Service Order Form.
This link will take you our Service Order form, where you will be able to choose the processing speed that best meets your traveling needs. There is no need to print, simply click the green “Save” button when you are done. If completing the form via a mobile device, the save button will be blue. This is an electronic form, and we will receive it instantly. A confirmation email will be sent to you as well. Save your assigned number for status inquiries. Your India Consulate fee will be $25, and our service fee (in addition to consulate fees) will vary between our four processing speeds; Regular, Rush, Premier Gold, or Express.

Step 2 – Send us via email, CLEAR LEGIBLE scanned COLOR copies of all the below documents. All documents must be scanned separately, facing forward and not crooked or rotated. If your document is not scanned correctly, your visa will be denied.

  • Passport ID Page
  • Passport Picture 2”x 2.”
  • Business Card (if applying for a Business Visa
  • Copy of your Itinerary (Ticket and Hotel Info)

Step 3 - Please fill out the below India Visa form. IF ANY QUESTIONS ARE UNANSWERED, YOUR VISA WILL BE DENIED.

Step 4 – Print your Visa and Travel

Once your documents are received, we will process your application. Your completed visa will be emailed to you once completed. Your Visa Approval Letter will be attached to our email. Once you receive your visa, please print two (2) color copies of your approval letter. One should be kept with your passport, and the other should be placed inside your luggage as a backup in case the first one gets lost or damaged.