EXPERIENCED Passport Company - By appointment

PassportWorld is a Registered U.S. Department of State Company, we can only expedite passport applications within 14 days of your international departure. We do not offer routine processing. Please call us at 713-961-3131 if you have any questions regarding fees or required documents. You can also view our U.S. Passports page to review Service Fees, Required Documents, and to Schedule your Virtual Appointment. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm CST.

PassportWorld has a team of dedicated professional Passport Agents ready to assist with your individual passport request. Our staff will help you navigate through the complex documents and requirements to get your passport expedited. The Virtual appointment will cover all the documentation required for your passport. New passport applicants will still need a personal appearance at an Acceptance Office after the Virtual appointment. During the peak travel season local Acceptance Offices are booked, you may need to drive to another county to complete your personal appearance.